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Moving and Packing Supplies in Cairns - Pack and Store Your Items Right

Whether you are moving house or storing with us at Big Blue Self Storage Southside, it makes sense that you would want your belongings totally protected. Boxes and quality packing accessories offer a level of protection that openly storing items does not. Boxes help to protect your valuables, guarding against crush damage from other items. Don’t have enough boxes for everything? We can help.

Extensive Range of Moving and Packing Supplies

We offer quality packing supplies for the Cairns area at reasonable prices. We’ve got everything you need if you are moving or storing your belongings, from boxes and tape to bubble wrap and utility knives. We also carry mattress covers to keep your stored bed clean and fresh. Your total satisfaction is important to us. Call us today at 1300 BIG BLUE or come by to see our packing and storage options. We look forward to helping you store all your items with us.

Pack Smarter with Low-Cost Moving and Packing Supplies in Cairns

Have you ever looked around for packaging materials prior to moving house—only to find that you're missing bubble wrap and extra cartons for your mirrors and posters? It's a frustrating experience. At Big Blue Self Storage Southside, we understand your frustration. We also know that you don’t want to spend your entire budget on moving supplies. Our Cairns storage facility sells quality moving supplies at reasonable prices so you have money left over for other moving costs. By choosing the right packing supplies you get to organise your items and make the move easier to manage.

moving Supplies Large Box moving Supplies Cairns Medium Box moving Supplies Flat Pack Carton moving Supplies File Archive Box
Tea Chest
431 x 406 x 596
$6.00 ea Book & Wine Carton
406 x 298 x 431
$4.50 ea Flat Pack Carton
915 x 505 x 320
$9.00 ea Archive Box
390 x 306 x 260
$5.00 ea
moving and packing Supplies Cairns Wine Carton Box packing Supplies Cube Carton moving Supplies Cairns Picture/Mirror Carton Box packing Supplies clothing Box Portable robe
Wine Carton
490 x 325 x 165
$8.00 ea Cube Carton's
300 Cube
(300 x 300 x 300)
500 Cube
(500 x 500 x 500)
625 Cube
(625 x 625 x 625)
$4.50 ea
$7.50 ea
$14.00 ea
Picture/Mirror Carton
1040 x 775 x 75
$9.00 Port-A-Robe
594 x 476 x 1099
$21.50 ea
Packing Supplies Brattice Bags Packing Supplies Bubble Wrap Packing Supplies Packing Tape Packing Supplies Stanley Knives
Brattice Bags$3.00 ea Bubble Wrap
5m pre-pack
10m pre-pack
per metre
1m wide x 1.5 long
$8.50 ea
$16.00 ea
Packing Tape
$4.50 ea Utility Knives$3.00 ea
Packing Supplies Cairns Butchers Paper Packing Supplies Cairns Mattress Covers
Butchers Paper
Mattress Covers
$6.00 ea
$9.00 ea

Choosing the Right Packing Supplies for Your Purpose

To help keep your items in good condition try storing them in our sturdy, multi-purpose cartons, you'll feel confident in their safety before you bring them to our storage facility or pack them into the moving truck. Likewise, there's no need to gather your clothing in a heap before you move. Instead, use a durable port-a-robe box to store your fashion items to preventing wrinkles or creases from appearing later. Do you need to ship a special item through the post? Make certain you have an ample supply of packing tape, butchers paper, bubble wrap and flat-pack cartons on hand. No matter your purpose, you'll find what you need at Big Blue.

Visit Our Storage Facility

There's no need to pay excessive costs for strong packing supplies in Cairns. When you visit our storage facility, you'll quickly see that we carry low-cost storage products that help you organise your next move whether it be your LP collection or your antique tea set. Visit us today or call us on 1300 BIG BLUE for friendly assistance before moving day. We look forward to serving you!